Please help with quotes Canadian , QCell, Trina

Dear all ,

I am completely new to the solar game and while I have read and researched I am still not confident in making the decision . I had few companies coming through to provide the quote but only 3 really communicated properly.

While my house extension has plenty of roof space to install solar we are unable to as they are self supporting roof panels unable to support weight of the solar panels. Also my warranty and insurance would be void should something happened to the roof. So old part of the house and carport are the only available space to install solar .

1st Supplier

  1. Trina VertexS DE09R.08 , 9.775kW , Goodwe MS Series 10 Kw inverter, 23 x Tigo Optimiser
  2. Trina VertexS DE09R.08 , 9.775kW , SunGrow Multi MPPT String Inverter 10 Kw , 23 x Tigo Optimiser
  3. Canadian HiKu6R Mono 395-420 Solar Module, 9.545 KW Goodwe MS Series 10 Kw inverter, 23 x
    Tigo Optimiser $9150.00
  4. Canadian HiKu6R Mono 395-420 Solar Module, 9.545 KW SunGrow Multi MPPT String Inverter
    10 Kw , 23 x Tigo Optimiser $ 9900.00

2nd Supplier

  1. Q.MAXX BLK-G4+,10.14kW, Q.MAXX BLK-G4+ 390, SolarEdge home hub with Prism Technology, built in smart meter 8.25kW, 26 x S440 Power Optimiser $ 11797.00

3rd supplier

  1. 24 × 415W Canadian Solar HiKu6 (Black Frame) - CS6R-415MS (IEC1500V), Sungrow SG8.0RS-ADA · 8000W inverter, 6x Tigo Optimisers $7480.00

Suppliers 1 and 2 are hard push on optimiser, while supplier 3 is saying waste of money to put on all proposed panels .

- proposal with Canadian Solar - 3rd Supplier

- proposal with Trina and Canadian Solar - 1st Supplier

image - proposal with QCell -2nd supplier

That’s a very difficult roof profile to install solar on. Hence why you have been given some wildly different designs. Did all the solar installers do a site visit to determine what would be best suited?

Without seeing the shading issues first-hand, it appears that the 3rd supplier didn’t offer full optimisers because they are proposing to install panels on South and East roof aspects where there appears to be no shading. Although, the south roof array will do very little in the winter months. Where are you located exactly?
The other suppliers offered full optimisers due to the large trees on the North and NE.

If you are in a tropical (humid) climate, I wouldn’t go with SolarEdge as they have reported higher failure rates in these climates. Tigo’s can help, and it does look like you should get optimisers on all panels if they are on the North roof sections.
Option 2 from the first supplier would be my pick. But I do think the design from supplier 2 is better overall (depending on your location)

I am located in Brisbane south side . My bill is very large last one $1200 per quorter . I do have 2 kitchens 2 hot water systems pool. I am looking to save even a little bit of overall bill especially if i change some habits like washing at night pool pump , hot water timers.

Dear all ,

The latest one I received is 22 panels , Tiger Neo Series 10.45kW , JKM475N-60HL4 with MIN 7000~10000 TL-X 8kW of Inverter Power , Growatt

Total cost $6600 no optimisers . This supplier said optimisers are waste of money and not required.

At the moment I am leaning towards 24 × 415W Canadian Solar HiKu6 (Black Frame) and Sungrow inverter for $7500. I did ask supplier would changing the layout of South East panels be beneficial overall.

Any thoughts?


Based on the high failure rate, I wouldn’t be going with any installer using Growatt inverters. They are extremely cheap, and you get what you pay for. Also, the panel installation doesn’t look like it will be compliant. I very much doubt they will be able to install the panels in the locations shown.

I agree, and I do like the simple layout of the option from the third supplier. Even though a large section is south-east facing. If you were in VIC, this layout wouldn’t work, but in Qld, it’s not such a big deal since your winter months are mild.
I’d say go with the Canadian Sungrow option

Thank you Svarky,

I will go with Canadian /Sungrow . Simply can not justify 4500K difference for Qcell.

We are in QLD - Brisbane so should be ok.