Compare 2 Quotes - Trina Vertex Vs Canadian HiKu solar panels

Hi I live in Castlehill- house facing south , bit plenty of sun east and slight shadow in north .
Got 2 quotes for 6.6KWk and 6.4kwh system. Quaote A and B

A) 18 x Canadian HIKU 370 w solar panels halfcut mono PERC PLUS Solis 5G inverter =$4500
also added $400 for 5 x Tigo optimiser for 5 panels on north side as slight shade-so $4900

B) 16 x TRINA Vertex PERC MONO 400w hald cell panels PLUS FRONIEUS inverter Plus 5 x TIGI optimisers for $5000

which is better and why? Canadian panels come with 25 product/performance gte and Trina 15 and 25 years warranty

also i paid a deposit for option A (10%) if B is better can i get the deposit back as still cooling off period

I would have gone with option B due to the much better Fronius inverter. Fronius is widely known as one of the best inverters in terms of quality and reliability. Solis is one of the cheapest on the market.

For the panels, the Canadian HikU and Trina Vertex are both very good and similar in regards to quality and performance. The 15 Vs 25 year warranty is not a deal-breaker for me. Based on the performance warranty (25 year for both options) I would expect them to perform about the same.

Besides the panels and inverter brands, which company has provided you with best service, is local, and the most trustworthy? It is more important to know which company is likely to be around in 10+ years time if you do have a problem?

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