Oversized Panel VS MPPT Sunnyboy

Hello I am looking at using a Sunnyboy 6.0 Inverter/Charger with a 525W Bifacial panel

The problem is the panels are 10.23A low light - 12.93A in high irradiance … and the sunny boy has three MPPT rated at 10A max input 18A short circuit…
What will this do too the system loss ? If I’m right it would loose .23A always or just over 12 W in low light and 2.93A always in high light …
However these are bifacial so is there separate Amperage with the backside Wich means the system looses would be nothing if the backside was not producing much or any power ?
My Voltage in the strings will be less then the acceptable rating….

Hi @Freenergy

I’m not sure it really matters. ‘Clipping’ as you are describing is quite common, and not undesirable. I think the main question is if you are getting enough power to charge your batteries?