Max DC (Solar) input SMA Sunny Boy 5.0

I will install a rooftop PV system. Previously I designed to install 16 of @325Wp Canadian with a Sunny Boy 5.0 inverter. I read on the SB5.0 datasheet that the limit of the PV capacity is 5250Wp. Is it okay if I change the PV to 16 of @330Wp which means the total capacity is 5280Wp (30Wp bigger thab the limit)?

Hi @Iun_Nan

It shouldn’t be a problem at all, it’s very common to oversize the 5kW inverter up to 6.6kW is solar in Australia. I am surprised the SMA data sheet says this, I have noticed it before. Where are you located?

@Svarky why does it say max DC 5250W for SB5.0?

The max DC limits are often based on old, low power panels like the 275W. As long as the solar array is within the voltage and current rating of the inverter there is no problem oversizing the solar.

Ty for the good responses. Here I attach the screenshot of the datasheet. on the datasheet was stated that the Max DC Power ( at cos fi = 1) 5250W

I am at the Java Island, Indonesia @Marty

Ty @Svarky… my doubt is gone now…

Yes no problem - For example if you used 2 strings of 10 x 330W panels. (total of 20 panels)
Panel Vmp = 36V
Panel Imp = 9.2A

Then each string = 10 x 36V x 9.2A = 3300W

2 x strings = 6600W no problem

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