Solar Power Warrnambool VIC

Hi folks, have a quote that I would like reviewed please.
The quote is from SOLARLINK
For a 6.6kw system we will receive
24 x 275 ET Elite PV Modules
1 x SMA Zeversolar inverter
cost= 5,490 with rebate 3,265 out of pocket
For some strange reason the installer today stated that during peak sun periods the inverter will “clip” input to 5kw. I have never heard of this before.
Also, I feel a bit nervous as SMA have just told me via phone that the inverter is made in china and I have seen some poor reviews.We live a half hour from Warrnambool which can cause problems getting service people to visit.

Are we barking up the wrong tree?


Can anyone recommend quality solar installers in Warrnambool? Any feedback on Leahy’s Electrical or Coley Electrical?

Yes the Zeversolar 5kW inverter, like any 5kW inverter will only ever produce a maximum of 5kW of power, even though there is 6.6kW of solar (DC). This is because there is a 5kW limit per phase in most areas in of Australia. So yes this is completely normal.

Usually a 6.6KW solar system will generate a maximum of 5.5kW of power in the middle of the day anyway, this is due to the various system losses:

  • 3-4% Inverter losses
  • 1% cable loss
  • 5% average dirt/dust losses
  • 6 to 10% temperature de-rating
    Due to these system losses it is common to oversize the solar and also to allow for cloudy weather and the low sun energy in winter (low irradiation).

The main concern I have is with the inverter being called an ‘SMA Zeversolar’ inverter. Zeversolar is not an SMA inverter (SMA did purchase Zeversolar but due to many quality issues they sold the company and have pulled out of China, so this is very misleading)

I would recommend you get another quote or ask what other inverters they can offer you.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for your insights Jason and we will try to get another inverter. The installer maintains that east-west can be better than North but got nowhere with that argument so we still have issues…It really shouldn’t be so hard…

East and west will provide a very good (wide) power profile in summer but it will not perform very well in winter. If you have high winter consumption (as many people do) then north will definitely be the best option.
Since you are in southern part of VIC, north facing panels are the best unless the north roof space is very limited of course.

I think Zever are SMA’s “el cheapo brand”. The notes I have that they may not last their five year warranty but service calls go to an answering machine and don’t get returned, same with emails and there is a service call of $165 if > 50km from CDB. Failed to honour Aust cons law warranty standards i.e. replacement inverter warranty limited to remainder of orig term. Aust cons law is that warranty must be as per orig. i.e another five years for replacement inverter. At $3,265 at least at WA prices, that equates to a cheap system you will see advertised. Solarquotes say don’t buy what you see advertised in the paper and if you buy cheap, you will pay in the long term. You won’t see Zever or ET panels in solarquotes list of reputable brands that are well supported. I would steer well clear. Expect to pay $5k to $6k + for a quality system that will last and give you value. Make sure you get at least a 10 yr warrantee on the inverter and 10 product warranty on the panel. Many quote 25 yrs but they are usually talking about the output warranty which is of little consequence. 5K max output is correct as your system is limited by the inverter but the extra panels still attract the rebate and maximise output when solar is not producing as much.

Hi Frank, thanks for responding and yes zever are shoddy. SMA sold the company 12 mths ago. Seems this mob are a bit elastic with the truth. will tell after job done. As this is our 3rd installation we are lucky enough to see through the bs and have upgraded to SMA sunnyboy. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: