Off grid Solar installer Central VIC

Hi All,
Looking for some assistance. We are building an off grid house in Central Victoria and looking for a reputable solar supplier. Those i have contacted have either not returned my call and one quote i did get was 70K. Currently we use 6 to 8 Kw hours per day from our on grid energy provider. There will a pool pump but i was thinking of using a separate solar set of panels for the pool equipment rather than incorporate it into the house system
Thanks in advance

I think @commodoresolar does off grid systems in Shepparton.

@Svarky, have you got thoughts?

This thread may (or may not) be relevant:

Hi Marty, thanks for the link to the thread. I will try the guys in Shep. The guys from Bendigo quoted 70 K. When we get some quotes I will put up for review

we specialize in off grid and are based in shepparton.
we can certainly help with a system to suit which will be well below the 70k mark,
for 7-8 kWh per day I would be looking for 4+kW of solar, 12-15kWh battery bank and suitable sized inverter (Victron 5kVa or larger) estimated price $20-25k.
If you could contact us to discuss we can check on your requirements and send through a system to suit.
thanks - Linden
Commodore Australia

Please check prices here :
all electrical house with swimming pool usually require 40kwh a day, System can cost up to $45k
But we have good system 12kw for around $25k

Hi Linden,
I am keen to hear your thoughts. We are in the final process of getting the building permit.
Please contact me on 0413 992 919

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If you use, as you say, 7-8 kWh per day, I would be looking at something a little larger to cover any additions you might make to the property in the future.$70 k seems a lot.

Thanks Buddah, I’ll keep that in mind. If anything we will be scaling back because at present we live in a drafty old house built in the 1940’s. But i agree future proofing is something that i had not factored in

Hi Fedor, I will plead ignorance here and would like to be challenged; do you need a pool pump to be incorporated into the solar panels for the house?

What I am thinking is having the pool pump run by its own solar setup without batteries.

From November until March 90% full sun days and in the height of summer temps averaging 32 and extremes of 40. From March until October 60% full sun days and overnight lows in the negative numbers and an average rainfall of 600mm per anum. So when we need to circulate the water we have ample sun and in the colder months when the pool is less active we can get by with circulating the pool every other day.What I am thinking is running the pool pump from the panels and no battery back up. The pump, filter and ancillary equipment will be contained in its own shed which will house the panels and inverter.

The power for the house will be in the garage and all the solar monitoring, inverter and battery back up along with the back up generator will be contained in the garage. Heating and cooking will be done by wood fire as we have an overabundance of a natural resource of felled trees that were to be used for coking charcoal. Electricity will be for fridge, freezer, moderate lighting, domestic water pumps, washing machine, back up hot water unit Computer, devices and modem. There will only be two occupants in the house 80% of the time as the offspring live 3 Hrs away and visit predominantly during the cooler months

The 7-8 Kwh a day is based on the current house and energy requirements. So based on all that information would we need a 40Kwh system?

Keen to hear your thought

Ok , based on 7-8kwh a day we advise 4kw solar with 9kwh battery. Check prices here
And for your pool we can install separate off-grid system without battery no problem, but system only work if panels produce enough power. Pool pump should be variable speed pump. Do you have spec sheet for pump? and how many hours a day you need to run it?