Off-Grid Selectronic SP Pro vs SMA Sunny Island inverter

Hi all,

I have narrowed my off grid solar system down to two quotes. I am wondering if it is work the extra $10k for the second system for the premium products or if the first system will suffice. I know the brands well so I don’t need info on them I just want to know if I should dish out the extra money for quote 2.

1st system 35k
2nd system 46k

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Can I offer you more advanced system ?

Hi @Fedor_Torgovnikov

Could you please explain what is more advanced about your system?

This is an all in one inverter with PV and Battery input. Everything is controlled by one device with proper 24/7 monitoring and remote access to settings. 15kW solar charging capability, we usually install 36 panels. And even can work off grid without battery.and for that price($46K), we can offer two invert system with 24kW of solar panels

Back to your quotes @jkjens. They are basically the same size system right? So it is a comparison of the products (and installers). SP Pro is pretty awesome, and the REC panels are going to cost more than the Seraphim, but is it worth $10k more?

What do you think @Svarky?

Yes @Marty essentially the same size. That’s the part that I’m stuck at. The 35k system is through SAE and the 46k system is the Remote OffGrid Energy who are a smaller solar installer who specialise in off grid.

That is tough isn’t it Jess. They are very different. I really like the look of Remote Off Grid Energy, and you’re obviously going to get a very personal service from Connor, but SAE also seems to be a pretty good outfit, albeit way bigger.

I don’t know how you would choose. Probably more a personal preference, and affordability. Sorry can’t be more help.

Hi @jkjens

As an experienced off-grid system designer and installer I can say that the SP PRO system is far superior compared to the SMA system.

For starters the SMA will not even work. They have only specified 1 x SB5.0-1AV-40 solar inverter, but a solar array of this size must have at least 2 solar inverters or it will be overloaded and cause damage.
The 275W Seraphim panels are very old outdated panels which is concerning. Don’t know anyone still selling these old panels, maybe they want to get rid of old stock?
Based on this alone, would have zero trust in this company.

The SP PRO inverter SPMC482 is far more powerful (7.5kW) compared to the SMA Sunny island 8.0H (6.0kW), plus it has far more advanced monitoring, program settings and controls. Also the REC panels are a premium level panel with 20 year product warranty.

To me there is really on one option here

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Thank you for your input @Sparky and @Marty. I appreciate it very much.

Hi Fedor,

The Ingeteam inverters shown on this website are not dedicated off-grid inverters. These are very limited transformerless hybrid inverters which are not suitable for continuous off-grid use (for a normal sized household). The charge/discharge current of 50A is simply too low.

We don’t use Ingeteam with 48v, we use 250v Pylontech. This is allow to charge 15kw, and discharge 6kw. For high loads we install 2 inverters 11.5 continues power up to 40c. 2 inverters allows Up to 30kw of solar.

One more inverter designed to work 24/7 full power

Just to clarify - I am Ingeteam trained tech support for this inverter in Australia, I can get you Intouch with Ingeteam engineers in Saint if needed.

That’s very interesting. I’ve never used a HV battery for an off-grid system. What’s the minimum and maximum battery capacity? Be great to see some monitoring data from an operating system (charge/discharge rates) if you could share some?

No problem I can give you access to monitoring , Ingeteam got comprehensive monitoring system .
Please register account here:
Than send me your email which you used for registration and I will connect you to working system.

@Sparky Do you think this system would be sufficient to run a house hold? We will have a back up generator also. Or will it need upgrading at some point?


The solar array and inverter is definitely big enough, However, the battery capacity is extremely undersized compared to the rest of the system (4 x 3kWh = 12kWh total, with only 10kWh usable). This is not enough for an average household which typically uses 10 to 15kWh per day.

Also with a battery this small the powerful Selectronic battery inverter may overdraw the batteries.

Have any of these companies provided a load table and gone through in detail with you what appliances you will be installing and using?

Where are you located? Vic?

I believe it will be ok as solar system big enough , to supply house and charge batteries every day. you may need generator support over winter time. We install always 12-15kW panels with 12kWh battery for average family. Generator used only in winter and some of them do not have generator.Have look systems here I only recommend to have gas oven and cook top to avoid heavy pick loads. The rest of the house can be electrical.

@Svarky some of them did provide the load table but they all seem to advise different sized systems. I’ve been trying to work this out for the last 12 months and to be honest I’m really overwhelmed. I’ve had quotes ranged from 20-60k with various sized systems. On grid is not an options for us as we are way too far away from grid connected power. We’re at the point now where we need to make a decision as we’re moving to the property soon. Its just such a big investment I don’t want to get it wrong.

Yes it can be very daunting and a bit of an information overload. And with this large investment you want to make sure you get it right. Luckily the lithium battery systems are modular so you can add more capacity if required. Where are you located?