Off Grid Solar System

Hi Guys,

So I am getting an off grid system installed in the new year and I have narrowed it down to two options. They are both the same size system and the price’s are close to each other. My main question in which one would you choose? This is our forever home so we want a system that will last and is good quality. We live in Qld where our temps range from -4c in winter to 39c in summer.

Option A:
REC Peak panels
Selectronic/Fronius inverter
GenZ lithium batteries

Option B:
Solarwatt panels
SMA inverter
BYD lithium batteries.

Both quotes included install, warranties, remote monitoring etc. So mainly wanting to know which products would be better in the long run. I know the solarwatt panels have a 30yr product warranty so that’s a big plus.


Hi Jkjens
Whats the price like in each case.

Hi @jkjens

@Svarky is very fond of the Selectronic SP Pro, it’s a real top quality world leading technology, and one of the very few solar products that’s owned and made in Australia (we got to take a tour around the manufacturing facility in Melbourne a couple years ago, see review here).

SMA also makes fantastic products though.

Are these options from different companies?

We would probably need to see the sizing of all of this equipment and pricing as well to give better insight.


Hi @jkjens

Option A is definitely the best choice. The Selectronic SP PRO is the best off-grid inverter on the market at the moment. Also the GenZ lithium batteries are a much better choice then BYD. The BYD batteries have been reported as having issues with low temperature, and communications issues. GenZ on the other hand have no reported issues and are a reliable ‘self managed’ lithium battery system.

BYD is possibly the lowest cost battery on the market which is not actually a great sign as low cost usually means lower performance. This is true based on the current test results at ITP renewables test centre. This battery comparison article highlights some issues and compares the leading battery systems.