Off Grid - PowerPlus/SunTech vs GenZ/REC

Two quotes, both use Selectronic/Fronius, off grid system. Both the same size and minimal difference in price. Which product combination is better?

@Svarky Which would you go for?


Both are good options. I personally prefer Powerplus batteries due to local support and manufacturing. REC are slightly better than Suntech panels though. I think it might come down to which installer you trust the most.

Is the battery capacity large enough? Have you done a load table?

Where are you located?

@Svarky thank you for your reply. Yes have done the above as you mentioned.

Would you still choose the PowerPlus over the GenZ considering the PowerPlus are the eco model not the premium? The Eco SOH is 60% and the GenZ being 80% at 10years for warranty.

Yes, I’ve been using the ECO batteries on my own off-grid home and some other installations. I’m very impressed with the performance so far. I’m probably biased though as I know several people who work at Powerplus and have had extremely good service and inside knowledge of their engineering capabilities.

If you think you will be regularly deep cycling the batteries (down to 20% SOC) then it might be worth going for the GenZ over the ECO. However this would indicate your battery bank is undersized.

Do you have a load table? This is very important