Newcastle Quote Help

We have two quotes and would love advice. Current electricity bill is about-400 per month.

One with RESINC - $21,845
13.3 KW
invertor Huawei Hybrid
Panels are longhi himo 4

The second is with Solar hart - $13,600
10.4 kw
Invertor SolarEdge
Panels SolarHart silhouette

The price range is significant. We are thinking of asking solarhart to match the KW of RESINC
Any other reason RESINC would be so much more?

Would SolarHart’s quote be okay for a family of 4

Yes, the RESINC quote is very high for mid to low-level panels. Did this quote include an energy meter and panel optimisers? Is your house 2-storey or does it have a complex roof shape or anything?

The SolarHart quote is much more reasonable.

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