New quote install in Lawton OK, USA

Good Morning, Thank you all very much for looking over my quote… I think it is a good deal at $2.55 per watt installed but what do I know :slight_smile:

If you need any more information just let me know…


  • Where you are located: Lawton, OK USA
  • Panels and Inverter models quoted: Enphase IQ7+ Micro inverters, Enphase IQ Combiner
  • System size: 15.96 kW DC, 13.48 kW AC Estimated First Year Production 21,000 KWh AC
    Solar Panels: 38 panels, Q Peak DUO 420P G6 Plus
  • Price quoted 40k Dollars, 30k Dollars after rebate
  • What your goals are for going solar: eliminate my bill and stop rising prices for the next 25 to 40 years…
  • How much power you use: See screen shot below

Doing some more research and I really think with these size panels I should be going to the Enphase IQ7A instead of the IQ7+… It will be 366 watts instead of 295 for the IQ7+…

Is there any reason to stay with the IQ7+?

I just found the data sheets and now know why the IQ7+ is a better fit… Yes the panels are sold as 420 watts but under normal operating conditions they are only 315 watts per panel… the IQ7+ are a perfect fit… Is this normal for panels to be sold as 420 watt panels and only produce 315 when used on the roof of the house?

Does anyone know if this chart was made with normal operating conditions values?

This is a good quote, we are installers in VA
Is there any requirement for rapid shutdown if roof mount

I do believe my power company is requiring rapid shutdown as the NEC is requiring it… But for the life of me I am not finding it stated anywhere… :slight_smile:

Check with the installer if it is a roof mount

I am getting a roof mount system, not sure what one though… Is that important also, I did not even think about that…

I pulled the trigger on this… Here is the info for anyone viewing at a later time… I did lots of research and here is what I cam up with…

38 IQ7+ will only export 290 Vac for use… 38 x 290 = 11,020 or 11kw of power. This is the MAX at any time they can produce…

So for my 15.96 kw of DC the most it will make at one time is 11kw… Because they are oversizing the DC side, the microinverters may clip in the afternoon… What this helps with is early in the morning and late in the evening they will create more power…

This ends up being 1.44% oversize but these panels will rarely create the 420 watts of power… the NMOT of these panels are 314.4 watts and that ends up being 11,932 w dc or 1.08% oversized…

I will continue to update this thread as I get more info… :slight_smile:

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