Keeping the STC and selling them yourself

How easy is it to keep the STC and sell them yourself at a later date. having 6600watts installed with a fronius primo 5

Hi Nigel

I can’t think of any good reason to do this. It’s possible, but not easy. The solar company always quotes a price after STCs, they do the annoying work to get them and you get the upfront discount. You aren’t likely to even get a better price if you do it yourself.

Perhaps one reason to do it would be if STCs are currently at a low price, and you might expect them to go up later. However, that’s not the case, they are currently close to their max price of $40.


I can understand Nigel,
the solar company did not mention the exact amount of Rebate
Nowadays I see the Quotes are auto generated and not itemised
Just 1 Final $ figure
I think the Fair Trading should enforce itemised & transparent quotes

6.6 kw generate 101 STC
@ $38 Rebate is $3838 But for $40 ( the limit ) is $4040
I do offer my customers if they want to do their own STC
I just give assistance

You can sell the STCs only when there’s a buyer.