Green & Save Sydney NSW Quote review

pls help to provide your view on this quote:

PC: 2113
installer: Green & Save
310w Longi panel x20 (10 yr warranty)
5kw Sungrown string inventer (5 yr warranty)
online monitoring system <-- I don’t know what this mean?
tile roof, double storey

total: $7,800
STC: $3,800
net: $4,000


Hi @i007791

Have you read our Guide to Buying Solar eBook?

I would highly recommend reading chapters 2, 5 and 6 before going any further with your purchase.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


Hi @Marty, yes, I have read the whole ebook. I have also tried your indicative pricing calculator and the $4k is within the range. Do you have any other suggestions/comments for the proposed configuration above?

Good to hear. If you are confident in the installer, then that is the main thing.

I would certainly ask if I could get a Fronius inverter if it were me, but if you are confident in the installer then that’s most important.

The installer was recommended by friend. I will ask about Fronius inverter. Thanks for the suggestion.