Jinko eagle mono perc vs cheetah mono perc

Which ones better? Is the cheetah worth another $700?


Hi @Reefer, $700 for how many panels? What size is the whole system? See details of Eagle vs Cheetah vs Tiger here:

20 panels. 6.6kw system

What is the rating of each panel? The Jinko Cheeta are split-cell panels which are normally rated higher at 330W per panel. These panels use monocrystalline cells.

The Eagle panels are usually around 300 to 315W per panel. And could be either poly or monocrystalline.

I would personally go with the higher efficiency Cheetah 330W panels.

Never heard of Cheetah. I would play it safe and buy Jinko which make solarquotes list of quality panels that are well supported in Aus.

They are both Jinko, it’s a question of Jinko Cheetah vs Jinko Eagle.