Jinko Cheetah 330W vs 370W

I have been told that the Jinko Cheetah 370W mono HC panel is better and newer technology than the Jinko Cheetah 330W mono HC ?
I would think they are the same except for the power output ?

They both uses very similar cells and technology. I think the main difference is the the Jinko 370W panels use the slightly larger 166mm Mono PERC cells rather than the standard Mono PERC 156mm cells. The 370W panels are also slightly larger hence the higher power rating.

For a real upgrade you could up to the Jinko Tiger 390W N-type panels which use the more efficient N-type silicon cells.

both 330 and 370 are using exactly the same cell. 370W panels just add extra row of cells to make a 132 cells, so they are just physically longer, nothing else. They don’t make any difference if you have enough roof space.

Jinko 370W panels are highly efficient, having 5 busbar solar cells, and certified to withstand wind load of 2400 pascal and snow load of 5400 pascal and durability against extreme environmental conditions.
Jinkko 330W panels are also same as 370W panels having 120 half cells , 35MM frame size