I want to connect to a Resi-VPP network

I’m building a solar system in my house (Western Australia) and I heard about Resi-VPP plans that people can buy my energy from me and use my battary and by that I can return some of the cost of buying it.

What battaries would be good?

Hi @Leeor_Meirovitz

It’s a good question, and this VPP option is worth looking into I think. Different VPP schemes allow different batteries, so It’s probably worth figuring our with scheme you’d like to go with first. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of info comparing VPP schemes yet, it would be fantastic if you could report back to us on what you find.

I believe you can either get an install done and then find a scheme, or you can get your install done as part of the scheme. The latter is probably a safer option given that each scheme has their own restrictions.

See for example:

Actually I can only find these guys doing VPP in WA:

Hope that helps.