How much can you save on your electricity bill by adding solar panels to your house?

Solar Panels saves electricity but How much and what will be effect on the electricity bill if we apply a solar panel.

I have reduced my electricity bill up to 50,60%. I have converted all lights and fans into dc 12v system and water pump. Two 300w panel installed, 30amp EPEVER controller. Now AC running appliances are washing machine, iron, refrigerator, air conditioner, if you install solar inverter 3000watt or 50kw it will run all your load and it will help you to recover your investment after 3,4 years of usage

Here in the Philippines the electricity is quite costly. We save almost $1000.US a month on our critical load system, it operates a/c units in 4 bedrooms, a/c unit in the power room, 4 refrigerators, 4 microwaves all the house and office lights, security lights, gate and garage door openers. We also have a grid tie system for non critical things, pool pump, hydroponics pump, one irrigation pump and 5 a/c units. They are all on timers so they only operate during the day. Before we installed the solar for them our bill was $500.US a month just for the pumps we didn’t use the a/c units unless we had friends over. You can save a lot if you plan it right. Our company offices are at our house so we have lots more power usage than normal.


it depends on your state, according 2022 , it could be about $1500

The updated solar calculator tool from Clean Energy Reviews shows exactly much solar can reduce your electricity bill. It also has a battery and EV charging calculator included.

The best part is that you can actually place panels on your roof (if the map is available) so you can see exactly how much solar power will be generated and work out the best location and orientation for installing panels on your roof.