EMP Resistance of Solar Systems

I’d be surprised if this topic hasn’t come up previously, but I performed a manual and database search of current topics and located nothing similar.
I’m trying to assemble components for an off-grid solar system in a rural area of Texas, where my wife and I have a small ranch for retirement. I’m kind of a solar neophyte, but I’m learning fast thanks to forums such as this.
I’m curious as to the resistance of newer, more complex components in a solar system being resistant to EMP energy, either natural or tactical. I’m pretty sure many listers are aware of the “Electro-Magnetic Pulse” phenomena, and the destructive results assumed to occur to integrated circuits, micro-processors, and other solid-state electronic devices.
My concern is that along with the increased complexity of newer devices and components, the integration of more solid-state electronics is almost inevitable.
Have there been any studies performed on this, or are there any opinions as to the resistance of components exposed to such an environment?
Are there any components that have been specifically “hardened” against EMP exposure (usually grounded shielding, similar to a Faraday cage) or any types or groups of components judged to be more or less susceptible to EMP effects?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom, not trying to sound all “tinfoil hat” or anything, just to be prepared…

Respectfully posted,
-Guido in Texas, USA