Fire Safe inverters - Enphase or SolarEdge?

Hi everyone!
I was hoping to get some feedback/views on the following dilema
Fire safety is a big concern for me and news reports about fires caused by solar systems (faulty DCs) are very worrying and stopping me from going ahead with the system.
If I wanted to eliminate the risk as much as possible, which inverter should I choose - SolarEdge or Enphase? Taking an installer out of equation (will check that its a reputable and certified company etc etc) - if I could choose between these 2 which one to go with?
I would like to put a 6.6KW system, located in Sydney
Many thanks!!

If you are really concerned about fires, which are primarily caused by Rooftop DC isolators, then I’d go for an Enphase system that uses micro-inverters.

However, the new installation standards have removed the rooftop isolator requirement, so almost all systems can now be installed without a DC isolator. The main thing is that you purchase a solar system from a reputable company