Microinverter performance in harsh tropical climates

Hi, I am in Darwin and am trying to decide between string/microinverters. The one quote I have had is for REC twinpeak 2 mono series with a Fronius Symo Inverter. Both the panels and inverter are great quality components but I was keen on getting sunpower panels and enphase. The sales person said that micro inverters don’t perform so well in our heat and torrential downpours during the wet. Does anyone know if recent improvements have eliminated these issues?

Hi @BLT, welcome.

That’s a good question. I know there were some concerns about SolarEdge in hot and humid climates, but I’m not aware of similar issues with Enphase. Hopefully someone can give some insight, but if the sales person in Darwin seems experienced (and honest) that’s useful knowledge.

Actually, @mexicansolarguy, you’ve probably got some insight into this.


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As far as I know inverters don’t like heat. SolarEdge inverters aren’t on the roof but Enphase are, so if heat was going to be a problem, I would have though Enphase are more likely to be negatively impacted. It does get quite hot in Perth and I haven’t had a problem with my SolarEdge inverter that has been in since 2017.

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