String vs micro inverters - Total confusion

We have received a number of quotes (some including microinverters)
We’re situated 500m from the ocean, 150m elevation, with treed reserve in between
The emphasis is on efficiency, durability & reliability
Our roof is facing north, with a large Norfolk pine creating some (though not complete) shading for up to 2 hrs in the winter morning.
1- 15 LG neon-2 330W + ENPHASE Microinverters (1Ph)
2- 16 Phono Solar (mono) 315W + ENPHASE Microinverters (1Ph)
3- 17 Jinko 300W mono panels + ENPHASE Microinverters (IQ7+)
All other quotes are String installs from Suntech, CSun, Longi and Jinko panels + Solax, GoodWe, Fronius, Zeversolar & Zeus Apollo inverters
Your input would be appreciated
Best regards

Hi @begnat

If that’s all the shade you’re getting, I doubt micros are super important. But if you are getting only some shade you might want to consider Tigo optimisers instead, which you can just add to affected panels (which could save you $). See this thread:

Good luck Bernard, let use know if you have questions after taking a look at those resources.


Hi Begnat,

The LG Neon 2 panels are the pick of the bunch and have a very good salt mist corrosion rating so always good option for coastal areas. Micro’s are generally no problem unless right on the shore line but very high humidity is more of an issue for micro’s and optimisers.

You have listed a lot of different brands but it pays to stick with the best quality, that being Enphase for micro’s, Fronius for string inverters and LG for panels.


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