Question on WEEB grounding for solar panels

Hi Guys,
My off-grid system has been running well for the past 2 months so I am now looking into protecting it from lightning induced surges.

The 25 rooftop panels are configured into 3 strings (8-8-9 panel) with each string mounted on 3 parallel line-ups of aluminum rails. All of the mounting clamps are also aluminum.

I have a question on how to properly ground the panels and would appreciate your expert opinion:

I read that the anodized frames of solar panels and mounting rails have an oxide layer that is not electrically conductive. For this reason a number of solar websites recommend the use of WEEB type grounding jumpers and lugs to electrically bond the Al solar frames to the Al rails and ultimately to a grounding rod…

However, during my research I came across a Youtube video (Solar Panel Aluminum Frame Conductivity / Grounding Issue - YouTube) which suggests that this oxide layer can be ‘breached’ by voltages > 1Kv. Since each panel is fastened by multiple Al clamps to the rails and all the rails are interconnected with a grounding cable/wire and lightning induced voltages are thousands (or more) of volts, then does it make sense to spend money on WEEB grounding accessories? Your expert opinion would be greatly appreciated.


Solar arrays should always be installed with grounding WEEB clips (between the rails and the panel frame) and an earth cable for earth fault protection. This is standard practice and is primarily designed to interconnect the panels for PID fault detection (current leakage from faulty or deteriorated panels). However, it will help in the rare event of a lightning strike.

If your location is prone to lightning and very exposed you should an additional earthing such as the one described in the image below. This particular example is based on the Australian standard but it maybe similar to your jurisdiction.