EGing mono 380 watts panels?

Hi Anyne know much about these panels? or what they wpould recommend around this price point?

OPTION 1: 4.56 SYSTEM – EGGING MONO 380 WATTS – EG-(SERIES)M72-CV (12-13 pannels)
Inverter – GROWATT - MIN5000TL-X 5KW

OPTION 2: Sungrow - SG3K-D/SG5K-D

Hi @Owen_irving

I have never heard of these panels before, so wouldn’t personally recommend them at any price point.

Have you got other options? Low up front cost is a false economy. It’s a gamble. It might be worth looking at more well known brands for a higher price.



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Hi Owen,

There is very limited information on EGing panels so generally this is not a good sign. Also if there is no Australian support office then I wouldn’t trust that the company will be around if there is a warranty issue in the future.
If you are looking for a ‘cheaper’ system I would stick with one of the many well known, trusted, and cost effective brands such as Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, JA Solar, Longi Solar etc…

Are you able to recommend a brand and model that would match the level of inverters I’ve chosen?

Any of the panels I suggested will operate with the Sungrow string inverters. All panels operate a very similar voltages. It is the number of panels per string which will determine if it is suitable for the inverter.

Your installer will determine how many panels are required (per string), to operate in the correct inverter MPP voltage range.

I was advised by the quotes…12-13 panels

I would not be happy with just this one quote. I would suggest you obtain some more quotes from other companies.


Unless you are Off-Grid, you would be advised to see if the Panels & Inverter are CEC approved.
These are links to search for your equipment.

Solar Modules;

Click on the Inverters tab, to see if your intender Inverter is approved.

No matter what solar panel you purchase, go for a CCE approved Mono Panels/Modules that have at least 6 Bus Bars (6BB), the latest & Greatest have 12BB, and split panels come with 120cell or 140cell Modules, these are Great for Shading issues.
Good luck.

Thansk Raptor.

Changzhou EGing Photovoltaic Technology Co Ltd

Yes all the units / panels were on the approved list.
I’m mindful this is a small residential setup…so I need to be careful of the cost before it snowballs…
I just need an middle range residential setup that does the job.

Hi Owen,

I strongly lean towards Dual-axis Tracking (DAT) units, as the bottom line is all about Harvesting enough energy.

Fixed Tilted Solar Racking will only harvest 4~5 hours of Peak energy per day.

However, all DAT unit will commonly harvest Peak energy for approx. 9~11hours per day, depending on your latitude & location.

A small 4 panel DAT unit Racking is actually smaller in area than a traditional Hills Hoist, this equates to harvesting 16~22kWh per day, calculated on using 380~500W solar panels.
So, a 2~4 solar panel DAT unit will greatly outperform any Fixed solar racking!

DAT can be installed on a roof, the drawback with Timber roofing is the roof may need to be strengthened to handle the Wind load.

What you save on Solar Panels, is taken up by the cost of a DAT unit, that can easily be dismantled & relocated.
Good luck.

Thanks for info Raptor…
Getting a little too involved now, going toi this depth is time and money… ill just need to trust a good installer…