Bought a new home

We just purchased a new home in Port Richey, FL near Tampa. It’s 3,500 sq ft with two 2015 a/c units and two separate heaters due to an expansion before us. We want solar as the rental while we where looking electric bill during the summer was about $250 in a 1000 sq ft house. We will be putting in a pool so I’m sure that we’ll be looking at a whopper of a bill during the summer months! And we’re from CA so I’m a big recycle no landfill person. Know absolutely nothing about solar. Where do I start? I have a consultation with Tesler on Weds. please help.


Hi there

Great idea to go solar! A consultation with Tesla is a good start, although I’m not sure if batteries will be cost effective for you. It’d be interesting to see the quote. I’d recommend getting quoted from at least another two local solar companies. Once you have them you can post the details here and we’ll be happy to review them for you.

In the meantime, we have lots of info and reviews on our main site

Hope that helps.

We are solar installers in Virginia at least we’re on the same continent you could be looking at substantial utility bills Eataly 40000 kilowatt hours per year