8.4KW | SolarEdge 3-Phase 8KW | LG NeON 2 350W

Received a quote for the 8.4KW | SolarEdge 3-Phase 8KW | LG NeON 2 350W system. Total is $20817.
After browsing other quotes on the forum, looks a bit expensive to me.
Also said it has Ethernet connection and optimisers, which I thought is a standard feature with SolarEdge?
Can somebody please comment if it’s reasonable or way too expensive?
I am in Melbourne, no shading issues with good roof orientation.

Thank you.

Hi Citygooner,

On first view of the quote I agree it seems a bit on the high side, however we do not yet have all of the information regarding your installation parameters or condition, but if it is straight forward installation then yes it can be done much cheaper than the quoted price.

Regarding the solaredge gear, standard gear is for inverter and optimisers (Only) add to this meters, CT’s and any other communications requirements like the ethernet connection and run.

I hope this helps some in making your decision.



You could get far cheaper quotes with different gear (and actually maybe even with the same gear), I’m assuming that’s before STC rebate though? We usually look at pricing after. It’s good quality gear though.

It’s always worth getting a few more quotes.

Check out our Solar Installer Melbourne page if that helps.


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Thank you, guys. Yes, the price is before rebate. It’s a new build, so should be no issues with installation.