19.5kW Hyundai Vs 12.32kw LG system

I am tossing up between 19.5kW Hyundai VG Series HiE-S390VG Vs 12.32kw LG NEON H 385 watt system.

I have 3 phase running to the house and shed, both quotes have a BYD battery.

They both quoted the same inverter (Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Symo GEN24 10.0 Plus (10kW)) however, the larger Hyundai system includes another 5kw fronius inverter (10kw + 5kw)

I know the LG has better efficiency and less performance degradation however, the Hyundai still has 84.8% guaranteed after 25 years… so wouldnt I be better off going with the Hyundai system because it has more potential engery gain?

Hyundai LG
Size 19.5kW 12.32kw 58.27% 7.18kw
Model VG Series Neon H Solar Panel
Code HiE-S390VG LG385S1C-E6
Watts 390W 385w 5watt
Module efficiency 20.8 20.90% 0.10%
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.34 -0.33 %/°C 0.01%
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.27 -0.26 %/°C 0.01%
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.04 0.04 %/°C 0
Product Warranty 25 years 25 years same
Performance Warranty 25 years 25 years same
Performance 98.00% 98.50% 0.50%
annual degradation 0.55% 0.33% 0.22%
25 year degradation 84.80% 90.60% 5.80%

@cleo that’s a good comparison.

Both quotes are very good but considering the huge difference in size (kW) I’m wondering what your consumption is and why they would vary so much? I personally rate the Hyundai panels very highly and would go with the Hyundai quote if the price is reasonable and the solar size was suited to your requirements?

Did both companies do a site visit and offer a comprehensive design proposal?

Ive gone a head with the Hyundai.

The site is not complete yet (shed and roof not installed yet) however, the Hyundai was very good regarding invertors and doing extra research for my job.

Could not be happier.

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That’s great news, :+1:

It would be great if you could post some photo’s of the finished installation for others to compare and we may even be able to use some photo’s for our articles and reviews (with your permission of course).

  • For clarity, I’m one of the solar specialists working at Clean Energy Reviews.