Wifi range on Opal and Growatt inverters

Wondering if anyone can give real life experience on the Wifi operational range (distance from Wifi router to inverter) of the Opal Switch Light Pro (5kW) or Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-X series.

Info on either one or both would be appreciated.

Specifically, the signal would have to travel approx. 10m free space and through a brick wall. I understand it would depend on the router too, but I’m just asking whether these 2 inverter brands are either particularly good or bad in comparison to other inverters. 2 phones used for reference showed 2-3 out of 4 bars of Wifi signal.

I wouldn’t want it installed only to find that the Wifi function is unusable because they’re much weaker than the average smartphone reception.

Cheers for any info!