Which Electricity Provider

I have just had my system installed. Its around 9 - 10 kWh system.

My installer suggested I look around at which energy provider has the best plans for usage and feed in rates.

Any recommendations of which companies offer the best Solar FIR.
We are based in Sydney eastern suburbs.

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Hello Stich

As far as I know rate. For 2020/21, is 6.0 to 7.3 cents but I thinks they are not required on it


Hi @stich

Good question. I’ve heard good things about Enova. But don’t know a lot about them.

Their solar FiT looks competitive, especially if you’re not exporting a huge amount:

“Enova will pay you 12 cents per kWh exported for the first 5kWh you export to the grid and 6 cents per kWh for all remaining energy exported per day”