All eggs in 1 basket Vs Solar Retailer + Electricity Supplier?

Seasons Greetings fellow enthusiasts,
I have got several slightly varying quotes for my choice of Fronius Primo 5kW and 20x330watt Trina Panels from recommended installers. My only concern is the FITs’ from the current electricity supplier.
One of the quotes, is from the only ‘National Electricity Supplier’ that I can find, which not only supplies electricity and installs solar systems at very competitive prices, but is the only one that provides the best ‘Feed In Tariff’ so far too!
The other thing I like about this ‘National Electricity Supplier’ is there does not appear to be any ‘Sneaky’ hidden costs or trappings in their Ts’ & Cs’ either.
Placing all of ones eggs in one basket is not usually recommended, but I’m hoping that in this field of ‘Clean Energy’ installations, that ‘old wives tale’ may not be applicable.
What say you guys?:shushing_face:

Hi Palebushman,

I’m a little confused about what you are saying. Who is this ‘National Electricity Supplier’?. Is this the name of a company? I wouldn’t normally recommend you use the same solar retailer and electricity supplier as they have a bad track record and often use cheap sub-contractors which can do a crap job.

Don’t worry too much about the feed-in tariff (FiT) as you can always change retailers after the installation and choose one which provides a better FiT.

Hi Svarky, my apologies for not mentioning the ‘National Electricity Supplier’ as I thought this might be against the forum rulz :face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:
The supplier is in fact ‘Origin Energy’ and the quote is from their Sales - Solar and Emerging Businesses section in Melbourne.

Contract price (incl GST)
(Incl net GST charges of 984.21) Variations / Additional items (if any): Dual Tracking Distance Travel Surcharge Less applicable Small Scale Technology Certificate (STCs) (3,831.35)
(The amount payable is subject to you assigning
the solar system to STCs to us. This amount is
calculated as at the date of this email based on
when we estimate your system will be installed)
Amount payable $6,995.00
Total amount paid $0.00
Total amount due $6,995.00
Hope this is what I should have put in my original post Svarky. :cowboy_hat_face::crossed_fingers:

Ok that makes more sense.
That’s a reasonable price for the Fronius inverter and Trina panels. I would just make sure you are not locked into any long term contract with Origin, plus check what rates per kWh they are charging. Some retailers put you on a higher tariff when you get solar connected which I personally think is a bit of a scam

Many thanks for your help, guidance and sound advice Svarky, much appreciated.
Finally decided to go with a local company in Toowoomba, for the installation of our Solar System which comprises: 21 x RECTP2 Mono 315 Watt panels, Fronius Primo 5kw, Fronius Solar Production Analytics, Dectites and Clenergy racking. Total cost: $6,600.00
We will also be switching over to Energy Australia, their ‘constant’ 16c FIT is the best we can find too.

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