V2L power to House, Camper and Cars

We have developed V2l Solution from car to house.

First it goes out from V2l to a converter box. Then the signal goes in to Sun input in the inverter.

It works on all Sun inverters.

You can see videos on v2lpower.com. Its on Danish.

We have also developed V2L solution from car to car.
It works from every car with V2l to cars with type1 or type2.

We have developed to Kia ev6, ev9. Hyundai Ioniq 5 and all BYD.

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this method should work for most mppt type string solar inverters. (basically almost all are mppt types) All you need to check is the max voltage and max current of the inverter and based these that you can find a suitable AC/DC converter from China.

Can you please provide the full specifications, including Output DC voltage and current? Do you have a datasheet?