US Panel Assembly Capacity

Greetings, we are an installer in the Midwest exploring the idea of setting up a panel assembly factory here in the US. We would make panels for our own use, likely a 72 cell / 5 BB model. Nothing too outrageously fancy. Our numbers show we can produce and sell in the .42 / watt range, UL certified.
We won’t have need for all of the capacity of the plant, so we are looking for any interested parties who may want contract manufacturing for their own panels or be willing to work with us to take a chance on a new entrant to the panel market. If you would like to discuss please let me know Lets clean up with plant with solar power!

Hi Mark

Wow. That sounds highly ambitious. I would love to hear more details about how this will all work. Have you got any relevant experience doing this? What sort of automations do you have in place.

I visited a solar panel manufacturer in China once. It was a small manufacturer, but still very sophisticated.

Keen to hear more. Cheers,


Thank you Marty, this will be a highly automated line. That is the only way we can be cost competitive. Relevant experience in mfg but new to solar, yet we have some great partners who are helping guide us.

Hi @MarkNolte

Interested to know how you have progressed with this project?