Thinkpower solar Inverter is coming!

Thinkpower solar hybrid inverter EPH10KTL together with Dyness HV Battery pack, we are glad that these energy storage kit would make the the homes some warmer in this cold winter.

Thinkpower is a solar inverter manufacturer based in China, with over 10 years R&D experience.

We have single phase inverter 3kw, 3.3kw, 3.6kw , 5kw ,6kw, and three phase inverter 6kw, 8kw, 10kw etc.

Our tech team graduate from China top universities, and used to work in Eaton group, a mature team.

The 3kw, 5kw single phase inverter is withexcelent heat dissipation, working well in 45 degrees environment, big LCD display showing exact pv/grid info, modularized design for easy assembling.
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