Suntech HiPro Mono

Which Solar Quote.

-Q2**Your system will get shade time to time & it’s why I’ve recommended Solaredge technology.
6.6 kW single-phase system, being 20 x 330w tier 1 New technology Suntech solar panels fitted with SolarEdge P350 optimisers & a SolarEdge SE5000H single-phase inverter, all fully installed for $4,724. With Fronius inverter

Q3 6.4 kW single-phase system, being 16 x 400w tier 1 New technology Suntech HiPro Mono solar panels fitted with SolarEdge P401 Series optimisers & a SolarEdge SE5000H inverter, all fully installed for $5,016. With Fronius inverter, it’s

Hi @sammy

Are Q2 & Q3 from the same company? With Q3 I’m not sure why the Fronius option is more than the SolarEdge option with optimisers. I would have thought the former would be dearer.

How much shading do you have? Have you got any pictures showing the shading of your roof handy?

How much are they asking for Q1? Sungrow is a good inverter, but I wouldn’t call it “premium” probably.

Do you have a budget? How much electricity do you use a day?


Q2 Q3 same company
shade winter

Hi Sammy

It looks like you’re weighing up between the Suntech 330W panels and 400W panels.

I’m not familiar with the differences of those two panels, are you able to post the specification sheets?


I would rate both the Fronius and Solaredge systems over sungrow any day, Suntech as a solid brand, but as a champion for Solaredge (and it does have a lot more advantages than just shaded areas), my biggest concern would be the company behind the quotes, there are location factors and local grants/rebates that may not be applicable to my area, but if I were to sell those systems at that price I would be out of business and leave you chasing any warranties. I would get a comparable quote from another company that deals with Solaredge (or Fronius) and just compare, ask for photos of previous work or addresses for a drive by and check the quality of the work. Solaredge and suntech would honour any warranties if the worst case scenario occurs but they can’t help for other issues or poor workmanship.