Sungrow problem - Arkana has no support

I have solar panels and got a company, Arkana to add a Sungrow battery and inverter.
80% of reports reports in Isolarcloud are wrong and Discover Energy has only part access to data.the Arkana sent emails how to fix it and where to look on the internet (they have their money) Sungrow refuses to send somebody to check the installation.
it is now 6 month and I have been in touch with another company to help sorting my problem.
I suggest you avoid companies that have no real supoort system

I have an installation with battery form Arkana.
Bit over 1 year ago.
Lets cry together
Arkana, when you find that rock-bottom has a subbasement

Arkana is the problem here, not Sungrow. It is not Sungrow’s responsibility to setup and configure systems, that is the installers job.

Hope the problem is solved.