Stay away from Solaredge

De instellingen van HD 3000 omvormer (zonder display) kunnen niet door de consument gewijzigd worden, Je bent altijd afhankelijk van de installateur die daar uiteraard kosten voor in rekening brengt.
Ik wil als eigenaar en gebruiker zeker de simpele instellingen van de Wifi of LAN instellingen kunnen wijzigen. Dit gevraagd aan de helpdesk van Solar Edge :

Thibault -SolarEdge Support Team said:

Helaas kan u als eindgebruiken de WiFi verbinding van uw omvormer niet instellen, hiervoor dient u contact op te nemen met uw installateur, zodat zij dit kunnen instellen voor u.

Te belachelijk voor woorden. Ik ben naast eindgebruiker ook eigenaar.
Dus voor het wijzigen van het WIFI wachtwoord omdat ik nu nieuw modem van Ziggo heb gekregen, moet ik altijd een installateur laten komen die ik moet betalen.
Kan niet waar zijn maar is het toch. Dus zeer slechte service en product.

Thanks for your input @d_v.

Translation from Google:

The settings of HD 3000 inverter (without display) cannot be changed by the consumer. You are always dependent on the installer who of course charges for this.
As owner and user, I certainly want to be able to change the simple settings of the WiFi or LAN settings. Asked this at the Solar Edge help desk:

Thibault -SolarEdge Support Team said:

Unfortunately, as end users, you cannot set the WiFi connection of your inverter, for this you must contact your installer so that they can set this up for you.

Too ridiculous for words. In addition to the end user, I am also the owner.
So for changing the WIFI password because I have now received a new modem from Ziggo, I always have to get an installer to pay.
Can’t be true but it is anyway. So very poor service and product.

Marty, why don’t you just set the same SSID and WPA2 passphrase on the new modem, else run a cable… Both of these solutions do not involve an installer and are in your full control …

Thanks Marty but the new modem requires a longer password phrase so had to be changed. And a cable would be soluton but this means the modem has to be sent to LAN instead of WIFI. Which requires access to the settings.
And then I am back where I started.

The need to get your installer to change wi-fi settings is certainly annoying but, in my view, the benefits of a SolarEdge optimised inverter, far outweigh that annoyance. There are at least a dozen reasons why panel performance can and always does vary.
With the more common string inverter, a whole string of up to 40 or more panels performs only as well as the worst performing panel. The panel level monitoring that comes with SolarEdge tells you which panel if any has a serious problem. With a string inverter each panel needs to be physically accessed until the faulty one is found. That could be costly if your warranty has run out. Even if you are still under warranty, it might be a challenge to get your installer to come out and spend the required time.
Also, in respect of the main maintenance cost of a solar system, SolarEdge which are universally recognized as one of the three best and highest selling, leads the pack with a 12-year warranty. The other two of the top three can get you only a five or 10 year standard warranty.