Speers Point NSW Solar quotes review

We have from a local company the quote below. Picture is included. Roof aspect shown with 18 panels is NE and that with 8 panels is NW. there will be no overshadowing on those roof aspects. Quoted price is $9410 after STCs. We could have JA panels instead for $750 less.
Quotation to supply and install a 8.5kWSolar System
26 x QMAXX 330W Solar Panels – 25 Year Performance Warranty (Mono)
1 X Sungrow 8kW inverter – 10 Year Manufacture Warranty
MPD installation ($300 included)
Solar Analytics Monitoring ($650 included)
Installation Warranty – 10 Years
Could you advise your opinion please?

Hi @DTT3

Sungrow and QMAXX is a good low cost option I reckon. That price is maybe a little bit more than what I’d expect, however it’s good that they have included the solar analytics, and if they are a really good reputable company, then that’s worth a premium. If I was you, I might see if they could trim that price a little though.