South West Rocks, NSW 2431

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System Hardware

Solar Panels

Astronergy - CHINT Solar

6.6 kW Total Solar Power

20 x 330 Watt Panels (CHSM60M-HC-330)

10,220 kWh per year


Solis Inverters

5 kW Total Inverter Rating

1 x SOLIS-1P5K-4G-AU


Solis monitoring system is centered around photovoltaic power station, focusing on service operation and maintenance, remotely controlled, adopting a plug and play connection.

Solis monitoring system can be monitored remotely by Wi-Fi and GPRS to provide users accurate and comprehensive data analysis and fault alarm at any time and place.

This makes product operation more stable and reliable and realises stable and intelligent operation and maintenance management services.

1 x A Free Solis Wi-Fi Dongle

Warranties: 12 Year Panel Product Warranty, 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty, 5 Year Inverter Product Warranty, 5 Year Additional Inverter Parts Warranty

System/Installation Warranty is for 5 Years.

For further information see our terms and conditions below.


Net System Price


System Size

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