Solis inverter review

We have got a quote from AGL for a 5kW solar system. The solar company is actually Unified Energy Service.

Below is the Product Description;

  • Inverter: Solis IP5.0-4G DMPPT Single Phase
    -Panel:19 x Jinko JKM275PP-60

Total $8106 - Less $71 STC@$35: $2485, Grand Total:$5,621.

The installer says, Solis is

  • amongst the highest efficiency on the market
  • 10 year warranty
  • has full time monitoring at no cost
  • $800 cheaper than Fronius

Does anyone know Solis? Look like it is a Chinese Brand. We are more concern about quality. May go for Fronius. if go for Fronius, the total will be around $6500. is the price reasonable?

Hi @Danfeng_Zhou

Thanks for posting. They are good questions, it sounds like you have done your research.

Yes, I think you should pay the extra for the Fronius instead of Solis, I certainly would. $800 extra is not that much. I think the price overall is reasonable.

Some more comments on Solis here


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