Sonnen set to start manufacturing batteries in Adelaide, South Australia in 2018

Great to see that Sonnen (a German battery manufacturer), will begin manufacturing batteries in the old Holden factory in Adelaide in a few weeks time. They are planning on building up to 10,000 storage units a year.

We rate Sonnen batteries quite highly - see detailed battery comparison article here

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Have you installed any Sonnen batteries @BHekman?

Hey Marty,
I personally don’t install a lot of these, and so wouldn’t call myself a sonnen expert, but I know they are a premium battery. And with add-ons can provide a lot of functionality.

They have great lifetime specifications and a great warranty.
I like the fact they are so modular, and offer a good range of system sizes in 2kWh blocks I believe.
The output power, is a little small for a large house, but fine for smaller economic users, and for backup especially this is a bit of a let down. People have a lot of electrical appliances nowadays.

It comes down to the individual customers wants and needs as to whether this battery is ideal for them.
But for many people it is a great option. And definitely fills a all in one niche for smaller modular batteries.
The Tesla for example only comes in the one size, and so excludes the range of people looking for something smaller.

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