Solax-box with 16 split Trina panels for house & EV


I am about to buy a 16 split Trina panel system with a Solax-box inverter / 10kw storage. It will for normal house loads and an electric car.
Any thoughts?


Sounds good. Have you found an installer that you are happy with?


Hi Erwin,

The 16 Trina panels would equate to around 5kW of solar which seems very small and undersized for 10kWh of battery storage and charging an electric car.

Do you know what is your average daily consumption? (This is on your electricity bill, measured in kWh per day). Where are you located? Do you have any shading issues and is your roof north facing? These are all important questions which need to be considered.

Also how much are they quoting? I recommend you look for a reputable local company a get a least 3 quotes

Hope this helps,