SolarEdge HD Wave inverters - 2 failures in 3 years

I’m a homeowner, not an installer, I have a 5kw home system and a SolarEdge HD Wave inverter, I’m on my 3rd HD Wave inverter in 3 years. The first one lasted 12 months before failing, alerts were not sent out and it was 3 months before I realised that the system wasn’t working. The second inverter lasted just over 18 months - I lost a month of output the second time. Not impressed.

That sounds extremely frustrating. I’m interested to know where you are located as we have heard reports of high failure rates in areas with high humidity?

Do you know what was the cause of failure?

Bristol, UK. Do you mean high humidity in general or in the room where the inverter is installed?

Potentially both. The reports we’ve heard of higher failure rates are in the more tropical areas of Australia, which have general ambient humidity. However, if your inverter is in a room with high levels of humidity for whatever reason, that could be a factor.

Thanks for posting, it’s useful information to consider for people deciding on what inverter to buy.