Solar Edge inverter failure - warranty

Hi all

Our latest bill was in excess of $1000 for the September quarter.

I have a quote recently sent to me a company in Canberra who deal with Solar Edge Inverter Optimisers.
However, I have read some reviews on a blog regarding Solar Edge panels and inverters here.
Has anyone else had Solar Edge products installed and have they had any issues?

My quotes:

System size 12,000 W
40 SolarEdge - 300W panels
10KW SolarEdge Inverter

Fronius Symo 10kW Inverter
30 Sunpower - 360W Panels

What do you think?

Hi @reevresh,

@Svarky knows more, but I believe this issue to be isolated to hot tropical areas, not Canberra. Have heard really good things besides that MC blog (which seems to be doing SolarEdge serious damage).

Hi @reevresh,

As described here SolarEdge inverters are very well regarded. Like Marty said, the issues are generally isolated to locations with extreme tropical climates, or when inexperienced companies or contractors do the installation.

If the company is experienced with solarEdge, then I wouldn’t have any concerns. Great product, especially if partial shading is an issue.


We have had our 6th solar edge inverter failure

Are you saying you have had 6 failures at your home, or 6 different failures at 6 different installations?

Where are you located, you don’t happen to be in the tropics do you?

We are solar installers at 6 different jobs

That’s not great. Many SE jobs in total? Which state are you located?