Solar System invoice dilemma

We accepted a proposal for set amount of panels to be installed and paid a deposit towards it.
On the day of installation, installers were able to install one less panel. We were advised by their installer that we will get reimbursed or the final invoice will be adjusted to reflect this one less panel.
However; they have sent us the same invoice and advised us arrogantly that we will have to pay for the full system or they will get it uninstalled. I have requested them to explain why would we have to pay for one less panel but they haven’t given us any plausible response. We advised them to:

  1. Adjust the invoice to reflect one less panel. OR
  2. Provide us this panel as a spare and keep the invoice as is.
    They have threatened us that they will uninstall the system and keep the deposit as well which is around $800 that we have paid.

I want to know if we have the right to request the money back as we signed the proposal for the no. of panels which obviously wasn’t installed.
Is there any regulatory body we can request help ?
Since they have already claimed STCs on our system it will be easy for them to sell they will still make money on it.

It is very disappointing that they will not reimburse you for the one panel. That’s an extremely poor and disingenuous way of doing business.

You have not been provided the system that you were quoted, and you should be reimbursed. I suggest you lodge a complaint with the Clean Energy Council, the Australian solar installer licencing body.

Also, feel free to name the company so others can be aware and avoid them. It’s bizarre and frustrating that they will not provide you with a spare panel or reimburse you a small amount.