Solar Quote Otways VIC

Quoted by SkyEnergy:

Seraphim SkyBlade Panels
7.92 kW Total Solar Power
24 x 330 Watt Panels (SRP-330-BMB)

SMA Sunny Boy
6.0 kW Total Inverter Rating

$8,214 (not including $1850 Vic Rebate)

Any advice on quality of product and pricing appreciated

Gday Otway

SMA is top quality :white_check_mark: - unless you have shading concerns, that’s a good choice.

Seraphim are pretty run of the mill. They are amongst 10 or so brands that neither excite, nor (hopefully) disappoint. I’m not sure about that model though, can’t find anything on it. Do you have a spec sheet or model number?

I think you could potential ask if they could go lower on the price.

Hope that helps.