Solar Quote Monterrey Mexico

Hello, I hope someone with more experience can help me evaluate if this proposal is at a fair price.

I have good references of the installer for other projects in friends’ properties.

Thank you

12 x Risen PV 595W Titan 120 8 BMDG
3 x Hoymiles Microinverter 2kW HMS 4T
1 x DTU for monitoring
Engineering and Installation
Electric material
Stainless Steel and Structural Aluminum base installation
Management of procedures with the electric company

round 6,800 USD including taxes

That sounds very reasonable for a 7.1kW ground-mounted solar array. I haven’t heard of Hoymiles microinvertes though? Only 3 units, so each microinverter must be connected to 4 panels which is very unusual.

Thanks for your answer, I forgot to mention that the installation would be done on the roof of my two-story house.I will try to attach a photo of the installation.

I am very happy with the results and although I still do not have the DTU to monitor (supply problems), from my meter readings and some consumption calculations, I can say that the arrangement generates more than 40kwh on days that are favorable. Not too bad.

PS ignore the dish antenna, it is no longer in use.