Solar Power Yass Valley NSW | Ground mount

Could you please review the following quote for a ground mount system and comment where appropriate.

The installer company is Renew Power owned by Paul Coates.

Thank you.

|Robert Luton 32 McInnes Lane, Sutton 2620

Option 1)

Supply and install 10.4KW Ground mounted solar system

|System components||

|32 x 325w QCELL solar panels|7,988.00|
|1 x SMA STP10000TL-20 solar inverter (5-year warranty)|3,750.00|
|Panel racking system for ground mount system|1,760.00|
|Balance of system, AC and DC solar components|1,540.00|
|Cable, conduit, earthworks, concrete and trenching|2,120.00|
|Sub Total|20,418.00|
|Total Inclusive GST|22,459.80|
|STC Rebate|(6,020.00)|
|Total Inclusive of GST and Less STC rebate|16,439.80|

|Catch Power||

|1 x Catch Power (Single Phase) 4.8kW Continuous, no internet|800.00|
|1 x Catch Power (Three Phase) 7.2kW Max load, with internet|1,900.00|


Hi @Clocker

SMA and QCells is a good combination. Also seems like a reasonable price. Why are you getting a ground mount system? Presumably no roof available. Seems like a good transparent quote too.

Good luck, would love to see the end result.


Thanks for the response Marty. Plenty of roofline but not best configuration for panels needed, and mostly for aesthetics.


Cool, you don’t see a lot of residential ground mount systems. Did you consider a sun tracking system? Not that I would advocate it, I don’t think the financial benefits are there, but I know @TheRaptor is a big fan.