Solar Power Werribee VIC

Hi I’m in Werribee Vic my quote from United Solar Energy 6.2 kw system with a 5 kw delta inverter and 20 x winaico panels $10218 final price after rebate $6999 is this a good deal if not could someone suggest a better deal for a quality system thank you

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Hi Kelly

Did you specifically ask for Winaico Panels? As far as I am aware they are a good panel.

Have you got other quotes?


Hi Kelly
Winaico has a rating of 4.6 stars and United Solar is promoting this product more. This is what I observed on my recent visit to their instagram and facebook page. The customers are also happy.
You may ask for any customer reference who has bought Winaico recently from United Solar.

Hi i haven’t a clue about solar is the price I have been quoted good for the products I’ve been offered

Hi Kelly

I think Delta and Winaico are top quality products. I wouldn’t say the price was cheap, but maybe worth it if the company gets very good reviews.


Does this include Vic solar rebate btw?