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The install was held up by weather, and higher demand than the company seemed prepared for. We used All Green Environmental Solutions, who are on the Central Coast NSW. The seemed a little disorganised: two installers turned up on the first day and said it was really a three person job; they didn’t;t complete and it took almost another month before the system was completed. A friend also used them, and had a similar issue. Probably three out of five rating?

When did you get your solar installed?

March 2020

What Suburb and State are you in?

Swansea NSW

What Panels and Inverters did you get?

Canadian panels and a SMA inverter, and a SMA Energy Meter 2.0

What is the size of your system?

6kW inverter, with 6.6kW panels

What Solar Company did you go with? Would you recommend them?

All Green Environmental Solutions. 3/5

What is your estimated payback period of the system (if you know)?

We are estimating just over 2 years - we have a fairly low use of electricity and bought a larger system to get it paid off quickly.

Are you happy with your solar system? Would you do anything different next time?

We’re happy so far. I probably wouldn’t buy the SMA Smart Meter next time. I typically love to know stuff (e.g. would love to have a personal weather station) but so far the daily report of generation from Sunny Portal is enough for me; that may change in the future.

What’s the average price you pay for your electricity from the grid (per kWh)?

We’re with AGL, so paying 22.3 per kWh

What is your feed in tariff (for the solar you export per kWh)?

Feed in tariff is 0.21 per kWh

Who is your electricity retail? Are you happy with them?

We are with AGL, have been for some years and currently happy. I like the idea of community energy (e.g. Enova) and will keep an eye out for opportunities there, so long as we continue to pay off the system.

All the best

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