Solar Power Box Hill VIC

Looking for Solar Installers in Box Hill VIC

Hi Leonard

Please check out our Solar Installers Richmond. The three installers we have listed there seem to have good reputations.


Thanks Marty. I pulled the trigger with Sunrun Solar. 6 Star service this far. Very impressed with Raphael’s customer service. Just have to wait for the install to see if they are worth 5 stars.

Wow that was quick. Did they come to your house, or all done on the phone? Did you get the products you wanted?

Yes, I got what I wanted and more. It may seem like I am rushing into things, but I am not.

I had the first quote from a company pushing Jinko Cheetah/Solis 4G for $3,860 after Vic Rebate without loan, fully installed. This was over a week ago. They installed for a friend and they are very happy. So we thought, forget the shop-around-advice. Never sideline this advise. It will cost money and besides, everybody’s level of contention is different.

Our friend’s install seem like a good deal but I had other ideas. I wanted the Cheetah but for inverters, Huawei. The Solis with their portal/monitoring software just didn’t blow wind up my skirt - Huawei SolarFusion did. Clean and informative. Was told Huawei installs are tricky and was going to cost $1,800, so I dropped the idea and started looking at Cheetah/Goodwe DNS or HT with their SEMS portal - upward air! Then I heard about Jinko Tiger. Thinking the premium over Cheetah would be offset a little by the removal of 3 Cheetah panels, racking and associated cost. Boy was I wrong. He quoted $1,400 MORE to swap 20 Cheetahs for 17 Tigers. That was it! He didn’t impress with his attitude and his quotes before, he’s certainly not doing anything to change that. So I struck off the only company on my list.

I then came here looking for quotes on Goodwe/Tiger combo at 3am this morning. At the same time shot Sunrun Solar a query on the models I am looking for. I need a person who appreciates giving customers a good installation that accounts for future add ons or upgrades I project manage very complex rainwater tank installs in my past thats beyond the comprehension of all licensed plumbers I’ve ever met and I met heaps. Almost needed therapy to forget seeing the work they do.

Design a good system with quality products and accessories, use a good reliable inverter ready to take on future plans ie battery back up when demand push development in battery tech, driving cost down - at the moment Li-ion or LifePO4 are not the answer. I thought as far as a parallel system for self sustainability and redundancy if we are faced with zero export rules.

I received an early call from Sunrun Solar. Rafi started by asking why I chose the combos etc etc. I told him about good reviews of the panels, inverter and them. Its about reliability on all fronts. He suggested Longi 350W panels which on paper makes the Cheetahs look ordinary. But he needs to try harder to sell me Longis. The Tiger option was sidelined. Came the question on converters, the HT is 1K on top of the DNS. He then suggested what I thought was gone from my memory forever, Huawei SUN2000L-5KTL, with Longi 19 panel 6.65kW? At what price? $4,062 after Vic Rebate, no loan, fully installed. Say what!? This over the original Solis/Cheetah combo @ $3,860? Do I need time to think about it? Heck no. Its even cheaper than the Cheetah/Goodwe DNS quote by hundreds. Better performance panels, hybrid, 10 year warranty over 5 years for Goodwe. It’s a no brainer. Is it the best system? Yes, for value.

Now I was indeed surprised they didn’t need inspect the site before quoting. Rafi assures me there is nothing so special about my home (in a nice way) that they need to see where they will struggle to install. I’ve sent pics after pics including my place being just skeletons before the bricks went up. He could see the roof pitch etc. Pics of mainboard, where the inverter should go etc was sent. He saw what he needed to see and thats that. Sign on the dotted line please.

Will update you when completed in a few weeks.Thanks Marty.

I’ve closed the thread Leonard. I’ll send you a message in a few weeks to see how the install went. I trust it will all go smoothly. Cheers.