Solar options - South Australia

Hi, I am looking at getting solar (6.6kw system) but am quite confused with the options. I’ve narrowed it down to a few quotes but unsure about what’s best. Any information is appreciated!

  1. Canadian 370W + SolarEdge inverter (no optimisers) = 4199

  2. Trina honey 370W + Fronius = 4500

  3. Canadian 370W + Fronius = 4899

  4. Sunpower 370W shingled + Fronius = 5800

And how important is it for 390W panels instead of 370W?


They are all very competitive quotes with good inverters and panels. My personal pick would be number 4 since Sunpower panels have a very good reputation and the longest product warranty.

The difference between 370W and 390W is not important as the panels are of different sizes and designs. What is more important is the total solar array size, I’m assuming they are all around 6.6kW?

Also, remember to use a local trusted solar company. Just out of interest, where did you get the quotes? From the Solar Quotes website?

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Thanks for the info!
1 and 3 are from Ever Power Solar
2 is from Secure Solar
4 from Regenpower

Can a SolarEdge inverter run without optimisers? I’ve read mixed answers so quite unsure.

SolarEdge inverters can only operate with SolarEdge optimisers installed on every panel. They use a very unique system that is not compatible with other inverters or other optimisers like those from Tigo which can work with any inverter.

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